Mindful Breathing Exercises for Meditation

Mindful Breathing –  We should listen to understand not reply.

Here are a list of reflections you can meditate upon as you practice mindful breathing. I practice mindful breathing from ten minutes a day to up to twenty minutes. As in the examples below, I will meditate on one word as I breathe in and out for ten times and let its meaning become clearer and clearer, especially, as it means to me, and the actions I will perform on that day.

  1. Peace. As you breathe in repeat – I feel peace all around me and I am peaceful. As you breathe out repeat – I send peace to all others wherever they are.
  2. Joy – Breathe in, “I feel joy all around me and I am joyful;” Breathe out, “I send joy to everyone all across the world.”
  3. Thanks – Breathe in, “I give thanks for all my good fortunes;” Breathe out, “I send thanks to all the people all over the world.”
  4. Blessings – Breathe in, “I am grateful for all of my blessings;” Breathe out, “I send blessings to all the people all over the world.”
  5. Pain – Breathe in, “I release myself from any pain I feel;” Breathe out, “I set free all the pain that all the people feel.”
  6. Fear – Breathe in, “I overcome all that I fear;” Breathe out, “I free all the people of all their fears.”
  7. Love – Breathe in, “I feel loved and cherished;” Breathe out, “ I send love to all the people all over the world.”
  8. Beauty – Breathe in, “I feel beauty all around me and I am beautiful;” Breathe out, “I praise the beauty of all the people all over the world.”
  9. Feelings – Breathe in, “I cherish my feelings; I trust my feelings;” Breathe out, “I applaud all the people for trusting their feelings.”
  10. Faith – Breathe in, “I celebrate my faith with joy;” Breathe out, “I respect people for their faith in their beliefs.”
  11. Anger – Breathe in, “I recognize and clam my feelings of anger;” Breathe out, “I call on all the people to calm their anger.
  12. Hope – Breathe in, “ I nurture and grow my hopes;” Breathe out, “ I spread hope to all the people all over the world.”
  13. Friends – Breathe in, “ I value and honor my friends;” Breathe out, “I call on all the people to cherish their friends.”
  14. Generosity – Breathe in, “I water the seeds of generosity;” Breathe out, “ I spread the seeds of generosity across the world.”
  15. On the New Year – Breathe in, “I pray for peace, happiness and joy;” Breathe out, ” All pray for peace, happiness and joy.”
  16. Meditate – As you breathe in, meditate that this world is filled with the presence of God; As you breathe out, meditate that God is enshrined in your heart.
  17. Discipline – Breathing in I focus on freedom and understanding; Breathing out I dispel desire, fear and anger.
  18. Breathing in and out I reflect on the meaning and significance of the words “Speak the truth without giving offense. “
  19. Forgiveness.  As you breath in repeat – I forgive myself for the wrongs against myself and others. As you breathe out repeat – I forgive others for the wrongs against all others.

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